International Infrastructure & Transport Group, LLC

International Shipping Services

The Infratrans Group comprises experts in most aspects of international bluewater shipping. These experts will serve as advisors and consultants for capital placement in all levels of transportation assets on a global basis, including fishing and fishery projects. We provide these essential services to business, communities and governments in all aspects of transportation infrastructure projects. Our expertise cludes:

  • Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Design - Providing first proposal to the clients in close adherence to the owners wishes and obtaining first price indications for new buildings and conversions.
  • Contract Project Design and Specifications - Making arrangements drawings and machinery arrangements. Detailed specifications including Makers’ list and important drawings and calculations such as midship section, line plan, weight calculation, hydrostatic data, stability, speed and power, safety plan etc.
  • Projects Management and Owners’ Representation - Inspection and evaluation of new and used tonnage.
  • Special Survey Assistance - Advice and assistance during class surveys, dockings and repairs.
  • Technical Management - Assistance and advise in the selection of ship management services
  • Fishery Management - Experts on fisheries and fishing vessels.

Our goal is to assist ship operators and investors with technical knowledge and market intelligence, financial  structure options, project implementation planning. The team provides deal closure guidance to secure investment grade rate of returns for all project undertaken by the Infratrans Group.

The Members of Infratrans Group comprise a highly experienced team in infrastructure and transportation development. Each of the members has an average of 30 years experience and has worked throughout the United States and across the Globe.