International Infrastructure & Transport Group, LLC

Port Infrastructure & Operations

Our mission is to provide our clients a team of expert technical marine infrastructure and operation specialists to perform thorough assessments and in-depth analyses in-order to prepare state of the art solutions to our client’s unique program requirements.

Within our overall aim to establish financial investments in assets with parameters that lead to strategic advantages, economic growth, redevelopment potential and sustainable development, the specific focus of Infratrans Port Infrastructure & Operations includes:

  • Master Planning - Conceptual master planning documents based on market projections and through put requirements.
  • Operating Systems Alternatives - Analyze alternative methods of operating systems determine conceptual sizing of marine facilities, the number operating equipment and operating manning levels required.
  • Design Criteria - Prepare design criteria standards to ensure that detail design drawings for the marine complex are consistent with the master plan,operation systems and guidance in costing the facilities and equipment required.
  • Cost Estimating - Develop conceptual cost estimates consistent with the master plan, operating system, design criteria and local construction conditions.
  • Financial Model - Provide the total development costs, construction,equipment costs and operating cost for the financial model development.
  • Request for Proposals - Prepare documents to request design engineers and construction contractors to competitively bid.
  • Operating Management Software - Evaluate operating system software vendors proposals.
  • Value Engineering - Prepare value engineering review and analysis of engineering design, contractor proposals,and operating equipment are consistent with design criteria and the clients operating goals.
  • Due Diligence - Undertake due diligence evaluations to ensure that client,s vendors and operations are consistent with contractual obligations.
  • Marine Terminal Operations - Evaluate existing marine operations to determine if the present operation is meeting industry standards and what steps are required to meet these standards.
  • Aquisition Assistance - Assist private and institutional investors in acquiring port and port related assets to enhance and diversify their portfolio of marine related businesses