International Infrastructure & Transport Group, LLC

Economics & Finance

In all our efforts the mission is to provide our clients a team of economic and finance specialists to perform thorough assessments of the markets for transportation infrastructure and its users. The economic and financial reports produced represent the state of the art solutions to our client's program requirements.

Within our overall aim to establish financial investments in assets with parameters that lead to strategic advantages, economic growth, redevelopment potential and sustainable development, the specific focus of Infratrans Economics & Finance includes:

  • Master Planning - Conceptual master planning documents based on market projections and through put requirements.
  • Cost Estimating - Develop conceptual cost estimates consistent with the master plan, operating system, design criteria and local construction conditions.
  • Financial Modeling - Provide the total development costs, construction,equipment costs & operation costs for the financial model development. Bankable financial documents including P&L Statements, Balance Sheets, Cashflow, Sources & Uses & Free Cashflow statements will be provided
  • Economic Impact Analyses - Prepare economic impact documents to verify the macro economic repercussions of contemplated projects.
  • Econometric Forecasting - Prepare econometric forecasts based on modern econometric methods and extensive databases.
  • Due Diligence - Undertake due diligence evaluations to ensure that client,s vendors and operations are consistent with contractual obligations.
  • Aquisition Assistance - Assist private and institutional investors in acquiring port and port related assets to enhance and diversify their portfolio of marine related businesses

Our goal as lead catalyst is to provide investors with market knowledge, financial  structure options, project implementation planning. The team provides deal closure guidance to secure investment grade rate of returns for all project undertaken by the Infratrans Group.