International Infrastructure & Transport Group, LLC

Strategic Product Development, Marketing Research & Marketing Strategies

In all our efforts the mission is to provide our clients a team of development, marketing and quantitative/qualitative marketing research specialists to perform thorough assessments of the markets for new products, the enhancement of existing products, the discovery of new markets and the development of innovative marketing strategies consistent with the application of established marketing tools (product, placement, promotion, pricing and performance). The strategic product development, marketing research and marketing strategy reports produced represent the state of the art solutions to our client's program requirements.

Within our overall aim to establish the feasibility of new ventures and the feasibility of enhancing existing products we are always focused on the financial requirements and potential investment/investors investments with parameters that lead to strategic advantages, economic growth, redevelopment potential and sustainable development, the specific focus of Passenger & Shipping Strategic Product Development, Marketing Research & Marketing Strategies includes but is not limited to:

  • Master Planning for Home Port Development and Enhancement of Existing Port Assets - Conceptual master planning documents based on market projections and through put requirements.
  • Cost Estimating - Develop conceptual cost estimates for marketing development projects, promotional efforts (advertising, public relations, and social media) consistent with the existing and proposed marketing strategies.
  • Consumer/User Satisfaction Marketing Research - Application of qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques to determine appropriate measures of satisfaction and current levels of satisfaction.
  • Longitudinal Consumer/User Marketing Research - Application of state of the art statistical methodology to determine long term trends for specific key indicators of performance.
  • Product Feasibility Studies - Application of marketing and economic research to determine the feasibility of new products and the feasibility of enhancing existing products.
  • Market Determination - Determination of underperforming and over preforming markets via Projective Analytics.

Our goal as lead catalyst is to provide clients with market knowledge, financial  structure options, project implementation planning. The team provides deal closure guidance for all project undertaken by the Infratrans Group.