International Infrastructure & Transport Group, LLC

International Infrastructure & Transport Group, LLC

The Infratrans Group is an independent private investment and consulting firm specializing in capital placement for infrastructure and transportation assets on a global basis. We provide all essential services to business, communities and governments in all aspects of transportation infrastructure project where public/private partnerships need to occur.

The Infratrans Group is the industry leader in developing and proving salient economic theories and their concomitant statistical models. Our expert consultants can provide integrated approaches in resolving disputes, either in mediation or litigation, evaluating public policy, rules and regulations and strengthening private sector decision-making.

Our experts have both practical and theoretical understandings of economic, financial and accounting issues. They have worked on complex problems and offered workable solutions. The Infratrans Group has gained this insight by holding 'real world' executive management positions, consulting internationally and engaging in dedicated peer-review research.

We look for development opportunities in cooperation with companies and other entities to establish financial investments in assets that lead to strategic advantages, economic growth, redevelopment potential and sustainable development. The specific focus of Infratrans includes:

  • Port Infrastructure & Terminals
  • Cruise & Passenger Shipping & Terminals
  • Logistic and Warehousing Development
  • Highways, Inland- & Intermodal Terminals
  • Railroad Infrastructure & Operations
  • International Shipping Assets
  • International Economics & Finance

Our goal as lead developer is to provide investors with market knowledge, financial  structure options, project implementation planning. The team provides deal closure guidance to secure investment grade rate of returns for all project undertaken by Infratrans.

The Members of Infratrans comprise a highly experienced team in infrastructure, maritime and land based transportation including fisheries project development. Each of the members has an average of 30 years experience and has worked throughout the United States and across the Globe.